Tips on how to care for your food processor

food processor

When it comes to cleaning my food processor, 99.9 percent of the time I gently rinse it out and run the pieces through my dishwasher. But the high, dry heat cycle can be rough on the plastic components, and the dishwasher doesn’t always get into the nooks and crannies of the machine. (And I hate finding food stuck up in the handle or on the underside of the blade!) So we decided it was time to figure out a good way to clean all the tiny, cramped spaces of a food processor.

The trickiest part of this? Finding the right instrument to do the job efficiently. We knew we needed a long, skinny tool that could reach up into the handle and inside of the blade. Cambria and I started to email each other different ideas, and what we were left with seemed like an episode of MacGuyver. There were chopsticks fitted with paper towels and rubber bands; there was a pipe cleaner and a shish-kabob stick; toothpicks; Q-tips — it was getting complicated.

After trying to fit a chopstick with a wad of scaled-down paper towel, I knew I wanted to make this easier. So my husband and I headed to Target and walked up and down the cleaning aisles looking for a teeny-tiny scrub brush. There was nothing. What we did end up finding was this water bottle cleaning kit. This kit came with three brushes: a soft, larger scrub brush; a long, skinny, teeny-tiny bottle brush (bingo!); and a shorter brush with a circular-shaped head. I put it in my cart and didn’t look back. This method required 100 percent less sticks and paper towels. I was in.

In order to test it out, I got super sloppy and made some hummus in my food processor. I made sure to get it all up in the nooks and crannies. Then, with a few simple steps and my new tools, I cleaned my food processor in under five minutes. Here's how I did it.