perfect golf course?

golf course


Image removed.The best rural golf courses retain many elements of their natural surroundings. The trimmed fairways contrast with the natural features; trees, flowers, long grass, and wetland areas.


Most golfers who regularly play at one course have a favourite hole. A professional golfer will probably judge a hole differently to an amateur. The professional is looking for a challenge, so Image removed.would choose a difficult hole. An amateur golfer playing for fun, meanwhile, might not relish a hole that is too difficult and frustrating. The perfect golf course green should not be absolutely flat, as this makes it too easy to putt. Ridges and furrows make the green more interesting to play. A golfer’s dream golf course would have 18 of their favourite holes.


AImage removed.fter a round of golf, there needs to be great amenities with attentive staff and superb food. The best amenities feature peaceful lounges that overlook the course or natural landscapes. The facilities should be the perfect place to relax and socialise after a round of golf.