What makes the perfect golf course?

golf course

Golf is an outdoor sport. It is played in a large field called a golf course which normally stretches over miles of green ground. It is designed to perfection by maintaining a beautiful natural look along with some man made changes. It comprises of 18 holes each consisting of a tee, fairway, putting green and one or more natural or artificial hazards. Professional golfers are very particular about the area they play in. For this reason golf course architecture, despite being a specialty within landscape architecture or landscape design, is an entirely separate and very rich field of study. There are some elements the golfers look for when they make their pick for the perfect golf course.

The landscape


Landscape is very important and adds to the perfection of the golf course. Many of the good golf courses are sophisticated along with maintaining some of the natural landscape of the surroundings. The man made fairways need to match with the natural features of the land for example trees, flowers and water bodies. The ground is covered with high quality grass. Traditionally, mens golf shoes used to come with metal spikes which would leave marks on the grass. Nowadays these shoes have been banned by most golf courses to maintain the perfection of the golf course. Check out Best mens golf shoes 2017 & Buyer's Guide.

The hole


A golfer will look for a golf course with all 18 holes that match his style. A hole that is perfect for one golfer might not be as good to another golfer. It depends upon their style and how good they are at playing the game. A professional player might be looking for challenging holes while a beginner would be more interested in easier holes. When designed to the liking of a professional golfer, the golf course green should not be completely flat so that the shots are not too easy to putt. In regard to holes, a golf course that is liked by one golfer might not be the best one for another golfer.



To make golfing experience enjoyable for the golfers, the golf course should provide a friendly environment with helpful staff. The golfers should be provided with comfortable lounges, good amenities and good food. They should be provided with the best services to relax and socialize with other golfers after a golfing game. Golf is the game of the elite and therefore they do not compromise in the levels of standard and comfort provided by the golf course management.

These, discussed above points, are some of the key elements considered carefully while designing a golf course that is well liked by professional golfers as well as amateurs. You need to do a little research to find which golf course nearest to you is the best one for you and suits all your needs to perfection. Whether you are an amateur player of a professional golfer, once you have found the perfect golf course to perfect your skills, golfing should be a relaxing and unforgettable experience for you. You can find more information on kids golf shoes buying tips.